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Why Do You Need "Website Promotion" Service?

  Years ago, when people were ready to buy a home, they drove through neighborhoods and called the Realtor whose name was on the For Sale sign in the yard. Today, prospective home buyers "drive the Internet" to do their research and they contact the Realtor whose website they found that displays the most information on those neighborhoods they found most appealing. No matter what business you're in, people now "Search the Internet" as their first step before buying almost anything. If you don't believe it, ask Best Buy, Walmart or Target. Even before consumers visit their retail stores, they've searched the Internet to see who has the best price for the product or service they want.

  Similarly, people looking to buy other products or services no longer look in the yellow-pages to find a business offering the product or service they want. Today, prospective buyers "search the Internet" and then contact by phone, e-mail or text the business whose website, like this Sarasota luxury homes website, display the information and expertise they seek.

If People Looking To Buy Can't Find Your Website, Your Website Is Nearly Worthless

  Most Realtor and Small Business Websites are put up by web designers or via templates that pay virtually no attention to the need to generate leads.  Most website developers don't think getting traffic to your site is "part of their job". But you paid to have a website developed "to generate business leads," not because you just wanted a neat-looking website, and that requires getting visitors to your website.

  If you build your own website using one of the dozens of free or inexpensive "template" systems, you need to know that those systems make no attempt to make your website attractive to search engines.

  Website Promotion, frequently referred to among us geeks as "Search Engine Optimization," is what we, here at Berstan Web Creations, do.  Over the years, Google has made our job more challenging with frequent, and unannounced, “move the goal posts” updates to their webpage ranking algorithm.  We keep up with changes Google and other search engines make to their ranking algorithms so our clients' websites continue to rank highly for the keywords and keyword phrases that best define them and the products or services the offer.

  Without website promotion assistance, your website falls into the background noise of the million or so websites that come up when a prospective customer does a search. Without help, your website will not appear on the first, second or third page of search results and is therefore "invisible" to 99.6% of Internet searchers. With our website promotion service, webpages like this one discussing Sarasota Florida Luxury Real Estate become visible to prospective buyers.

What Makes Our Website Promotion Services So Unique and Successful
  We offer the most comprehensive set of website promotion services. Click on the "WEBSITE PROMOTION" button above to see the services we offer from basic search engine submissions to setting up and authoring blogs in your name and writing "news" stories to be posted to your website on a regular basis.

Tour our website by clicking on any of the buttons at the top of the page and then Contact us with any questions you may have at 585-385-6775 or by E-Mail.   We look forward to being of service to you.


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