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Our Unique Web Site Promotion Service for
Real Estate & Small Business Sites includes

A Blogging Service

  offers a unique Blogging Service to real estate professionals and small businesses. We offer two different approaches to blogging

  Research has shown that people who browse the Internet looking for information find blogs that focus on a particular real estate market or product interesting and become regular readers of them. The content of blog articles we write are focused on drawing attention to your main website and each article will include color photos or graphics.

  • If your website includes a blog, like a RealEstateWebmasters site, we will write articles and post them directly into that blog on your website.
  • If your website has no internal blog, we set up a blog for you on Google's Blogspot platform. We provide you the Log-in ID and Password so you can post articles of your own to your blog. We embed links to your own website with the blog posts thereby adding to the number of all-important in-bound links search engines see to your website as having.
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In either case

  • We provide your readers with useful information focused on getting them to contact you
  • We show you as the "author" of all posts<
  • We set up a Google+ page
    for you and place reciprocal links on your Blog and Google+ page.
  • We "share" your blog articles via the Google+ and the FaceBook page we set up for you as part of our Basic Website Promotion service.
  • We email you to let you know that a new article has been posted

  We currently provide Blogging Service to several Realtors, including

  If yours isn't a real estate business, we will create and write articles for a blog that relates to your specific business.

  Normally we commit to one blog post each month but we can also provide blog posts more frequently at a negotiated price.

  If you currently already have a blog but are not keeping it up, consider using our services on that blog. Remember this. A blog that's not regularly updated gets ignored by Google and other search engines just as does a website that is seldom updated.

What to do Next
  Contact Us. We'd be delighted to hear from you and we'll answer your questions.

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