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Our Unique Web Site Promotion Service for
Real Estate & Small Business Sites includes

An Array of Continuous Search Engine Services

Even a Great Website is Worthless if No One Ever Sees It.
    So, how do you get prospects to visit your website ?  By using the sophisticated and proven "Web Site Promotion" service offered by .

    Most Real Estate and Small Business websites are put up with virtually no attention to generating traffic.  Most website designers don't think getting traffic to your site is "part of their job."   But you paid to have a website created "to generate business leads," and that requires getting visitors to your website so they learn about your offering and inquire about it.

    There are several parts to our Website Promotion Service

Continuous On-Going Smart Search Engine Submission is a key component

    First, let's dispense with the foolishness of Internet ads that claim they'll submit your website to hundreds or thousands of search engines.   95% of all Internet users worldwide use one of less than a dozen major search engines.   Over 90% of them use one of the top 4 search engines. Submitting your website to a zillion search engines won't get you more traffic or business leads.

    Worse, the services that offer submissions to hundreds of search engines use automated systems that submit exactly the same information to all search engines .. not an effective way to get your website a high ranking. And, many of the most popular search engine robots are programmed to ignore or delete such obviously automated submissions.

    The important thing is to submit them, and periodically re-submit them, to the "right" search engines.

We Do What Has Been Proven to Work !

<1>   Manual Search Engine Submissions
    We manually submit your website front page to all the most popular search engines, including, Google, BING, Ask and the DMOZ Open Directory, and Lycos in the U.S., Jayde and Yahoo-Canada in Canada and Google, Lycos and HotBot in the UK and European Union marketplace.

    As search engines and directories start up, merge or go out of business (and they do constantly) we keep track of them and add new ones to assure that our clients are on the most popular search engines.

    We also submit other important webpages from your website as well
For each of these additional pages, we create specific TITLE, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORD meta tags to focus search engines on the specific content of each such page.  Then, we resubmit them periodically. We no of no other website promotion firm that offers this additional level of service.

<2>   We Know What the Major Search Engine Spyders Look For
    For example, some search engines give priority to "new" or "frequently updated" websites. So, to the extent feasible given the nature of your website, and with your permission, we change non-visible portions of your website from time to time and submit it to those search engines.

    Because GOOGLE tends to be the leader in the field, we stay on top of what GOOGLE is doing in search engine rankings and we provide GOOGLE what GOOGLE is looking for.

Our competitors don't bother with any of this.

What to do Next
    Contact Us with your questions. We'd be happy to hear from you and will answer all your questions without charging you.

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